Reservoir Accessories for Hydraulic Systems

Zinga offers reservoir accessories designed to streamline maintenance and help keep your hydraulic systems operating safely and effectively. Filler breathers and reservoir sight gauges are important features of efficient hydraulic systems. Zinga reservoir accessories, including filler breathers and reservoir sight gauges, are designed for applications across many industries, including:

Construction , Agriculture , Material Handling , Utilities and Service Vehicles , Lawn and Garden
Mining and Excavation , Marine , Oil and Gas , Forestry

Air Particulate Protection

In hydraulic systems, breathers allow air to exit and enter the reservoir as the fluid level rises and falls. In this function, it is critically important that air entering the reservoir system be properly filtered. Filler breathers perform this function providing air particulate protection as fluid levels drop during normal system cycling. Zinga helps to keep your hydraulic systems contaminant-free and running at top performance levels with a selection of reservoir breathers. Zinga offers tank-mounted reservoir breathers for use on hydraulic reservoirs found on mowers, tow trucks, truck-mounted cranes, pavers, compactors and more.

RB Series Reservoir Breathers

WSFB Series Economical Reservoir Filler Breather

FB Series Reservoir Filler Breathers

FBR Series Raised Filler Breathers

TB Series Tank Breathers

Fluid Level Monitoring

Designed for flexibility of application, Zinga gauges and indicators provide the means to easily monitor fluid temperatures and level ranges. Gauges and indictors provide positive indication of pressure levels and filter condition to optimize filter service intervals, alerting you when it’s necessary to correct, adjust or service a filter element, resulting in minimized system downtime.

Monitoring is crucial to all hydraulic systems, whether mobile or industrial, and include low-pressure applications such as:

  • Agricultural spraying truck tanks
  • Lubrication and hydraulic system reservoir tanks
  • Firetruck water and foam tanks
  • Material handling systems using low-pressure air to move products

SG Series Reservoir Sight Level Gauges

OE-1 Series Oil-Eye Gauge