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Forestry Equipment Filtration

Zinga is positioned to meet the challenges of the forestry industry, providing effective hydraulic solutions for heaving equipment such as booms, Feller bunchers, harvesters, crawlers, loaders and dozers. Filtration is critical to any hydraulic application. Our hydraulic filtration solutions are designed to protect equipment, keeping it performing at maximum efficiency, while minimizing downtime. A reliable filtration system means that your forestry operation can be productive, efficient and profitable.


The cost of unplanned downtime is exceptionally high for forestry equipment because job sites are often in remote locations which can be difficult and expensive to reach. In addition to being remote, climate may also impact forestry equipment performance. Cold weather causes oil to be more viscous, or less likely to flow, as temperatures drop. To keep equipment running properly, Zinga has provided high-quality hydraulic oil filtration to forestry equipment manufacturers for over 45 years.

Hydraulics power chippers, stump grinders, feller bunchers, and many other types of equipment used in forestry. Within the Zinga range of filters, we have solutions tailored for smaller pieces of equipment such as stump grinders as well as offerings designed for very large equipment such as feller bunchers. Our proprietary elements are designed for low pressure drop to give you the best quality filtration while also considering cold startups.



Hydraulic On-Reservoir

Hydraulic Pressure / In-Line

Pump, Valve & Hydraulic Circuit

Pump Inlet Protection

Oil Aeration Reduction

Back Pressure & Heat Exchanger Protection

Hydraulic Reservoir Accessories