Hydraulic Circuit Contaminant Removal

Contaminant removal is critical to protecting sensitive components throughout the hydraulic circuit. Zinga offers a variety of solutions, including single- and multiple-element spin-on filter applications. Single-element spin-on filters are commonly used in return line low-pressure applications and in some pump suction applications. Multiple-element parallel flow spin-on filter heads are designed for severe, intensified return line flow applications in a variety of configurations, including side-by-side, three-element and four-element filter heads. Different levels of protection can be achieved with cellulose, Z-Glass synthetic (fiberglass), or wire mesh elements with pressure ranges up to 250 PSI. Compatible with petroleum-based oil in mobile and industrial equipment, spin-on filters are designed to provide contaminant removal and protect individual pumps, valves or the entire hydraulic circuit from contamination as measured per ISO 4406. Zinga offers a range of pump, valve and hydraulic circuit applications that can be applied within many industries, including.

Construction , Agriculture , Material Handling , Utilities and Service Vehicles , Lawn and Garden
Mining and Excavation , Marine , Oil and Gas , Forestry

ZAF Series Spin-On Filter Heads

SF120 Series Spin-On Filter Heads

HF Series Spin-On Filter Heads with ∆P Indicator Option

DHF Series Spin-On Filter Heads with ∆P Indicator Option

MF Series Modular Line Type Spin-On Filter Heads with ∆P Indicator Option

ZDF Series Side-By-Side Spin-On Filter Heads with ∆P Indicator Option

DF Series Over / Under Spin-On Filter Heads with ∆P Indicator Option

MFT Series Modular “Multi-Head” Flange Mount

AE Series Spin-On Filter Elements

SE & LE Series Spin-On Filter Elements

HE Series Medium Pressure Spin-On Filter Elements

ZME Series Medium-Pressure Spin-On Filter Elements