Hydraulic Circuit In-Line Filters

In-line filters are used in hydraulic circuits to protect valves and cylinders from wear and contamination in pressurized hydraulic systems. Clean hydraulic fluid reduces contaminant buildup and extends the working life of system components while containing maintenance costs. Hydraulic pressure filters have a replaceable filter element that can be changed when it becomes dirty or clogged. Filters are used in heavy-duty mobile and industrial hydraulic systems. Zinga offers a broad range of hydraulic filtration solutions designed to eliminate contaminants from hydraulic systems across a broad range of industries, including:

Construction , Agriculture , Material Handling , Utilities and Service Vehicles , Lawn and Garden
Mining and Excavation , Marine , Oil and Gas , Forestry

CF / CE Series Manifold Cartridge Filters

CF-90 Series In-Line High-Pressure Filter

HP3000 Series In-Line Pressure Filters
with ∆P Indicator Option

W1200 Series Pressure Filters
with ∆P Indicator Option

S6000 Series In-line Pressure Filters

HP26 Series Pressure Elements

W Series Pressure Elements

S Series Pressure Elements