Agriculture Equipment Filtration

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Agriculture Equipment Filtration

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Zinga filtration and reservoir accessory product solutions are commonly used to protect sensitive systems and deliver life-extending protection for critical pieces of agriculture equipment. Zinga provides an array of rugged filtration solutions that are designed to help you achieve the highest level of precision, productivity and efficiency.

Farmers are counted on to produce and distribute high volumes of food for a growing world population. With unpredictable weather patterns and constraints on the amount of available land, it is critical for farm equipment to be up and running when it is needed.

Headquartered in the heart of Wisconsin farmlands, Zinga has specialized in high quality filtration solutions for the agriculture market since our founding in 1976. From planting to harvesting, Zinga filters are trusted by world leading OEMs to maximize uptime for harvesters, tractors, combines, and many more types of equipment.

Our robust die cast filter housings withstand high vibration and rugged environments better than any other option in the market. Our technical expertise, range of products, and private labeled filters allows us to support OEM production and aftermarket needs anywhere in the world.

Zinga fluid level gauges are known for their ability to resist wear caused by UV light exposure. This means that even with high amounts of sunlight that agriculture equipment is exposed to, Zinga gauges still provide operators with the important information they need to properly maintain their system. 



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