Zinga Industries provides the highest quality filtration and reservoir accessory product solutions for the industrial and mobile hydraulic market. For more than 40 years, Zinga has provided advanced solutions that maximize the hydraulic performance of our customer’s equipment, while also contributing to a safer, healthier and more efficient world. 


Zinga provides industry-leading hydraulic filtration solutions designed to maximize the performance of your construction industry heavy equipment.


Keeping your agriculture equipment running at peak level is an important part of your successful operation. Zinga hydraulic filtration solutions help you keep your equipment in the field.

Material Handling

Zinga hydraulic filtration solutions are designed to protect equipment from wear and maintain maximum operating conditions for heavy equipment such as cranes, lifts and booms.

Utilities & Service Vehicles

Cleaner fluids result in better performance and less downtime. Zinga helps control moisture and contaminants for cleaner fluids that help to keep your utility and service vehicles on the road.

Lawn & Garden

For less downtime and better performance, protect your lawn and garden equipment by keeping fluids clean and free of contaminants with Zinga filtration solutions.


Protect heavy-duty equipment with high-performance filtration designed to keep equipment in service with less downtime – even in the harshest mining conditions.


Zinga filtration solutions provide the proper fluid filtration and lubricant cleanliness to protect hydraulic systems from stem to stern, increasing the longevity of your hydraulic fluids and equipment.

Oil & Gas

Effective filtration can improve oil cleanliness levels, extending the interval between oil changes, while protecting and extending the life of your industrial or mobile equipment. Zinga also provides filtration solutions designed to remove water from bulk storage systems and hydraulic reservoirs where condensate has formed.


The forestry and wood processing industries serve up tough challenges for heavy equipment. Zinga provides hydraulic filtration solutions to keep booms, crawlers, loaders and dozers in peak condition in the most challenging environments.