High Pressure In-Line Hydraulic Filters

Zinga Pressure Line Hydraulic Filters provide in-line system protection with the use of a variety of cellulose, fiberglass and wire mesh media elements. Commonly used to protect sensitive system components like servo valves, high pressure hydraulic filters can be found in agriculture equipment, road machinery, utility and construction systems and industrial machinery. With our in-line hydraulic filters and industrial vacuum filters meeting system pressures up to 6000 psi, Zinga provides an array of rugged system solutions.

High Pressure In-Line Hydraulic Filters are most commonly used to protect sophisticated components such as proportional or servo valves because these are very intolerant to contamination. When pressure filtration is used, the filter is sized to the hydraulic flow and fineness needed for that specific branch of the circuit. Our industrial vacuum filters and hydraulic pressure filters are designed to withstand high pressures ranging between 3000-6000 PSI with robust design; rated with fatigue testing to withstand a high number of cycles.

Cartridge Filters

Manifold Cartridge Filters

In-Line High-Pressure Filter
Flows up to 50 GPM, max pressure 3,000 PSI

Pressure Filters with ∆P Indicator
Flows up to 60 GPM, max pressure 3,000 PSI

Pressure Filters with ∆P Indicator
Flows up to 30 GPM, max pressure 3,000 PSI

Pressure Filters with ∆P Indicator
Flows up to 120 GPM, max pressure 1,200 PSI

Hydraulic Pressure Filters Supply with World-Class Service

Another reason our team has an excellent reputation when it comes to providing high pressure hydraulic in-line filters is that we provide exceptional customer service:

• Prompt communication: Talk to a real person located at our manufacturing facility within 1-2 business days from the time of your inquiry.

• Five-star service: We go above and beyond to make life easier for purchasing managers, product managers, and production teams.

• Expert solutions: Our team has over 45 years of experience with hydraulic filtration and offering low-pressure spin-on filters.

• Dedication to customer satisfaction: We listen to customers and continue streamlining production and delivery.

• Ongoing support: Our technical support team offers trustworthy troubleshooting assistance for all products.

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