SG Series

Reservoir Sight Level Gauges

Zinga offers fluid sight level gauges, with optional fluid temperature scale, for use with petroleum-based and water-based hydraulic fluids. Manufactured with optics-grade plastic, our Sight Level Gauges provide a visual indication of hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir. Industry-leading ultraviolet protection defends against fading and clouding, providing a clear view of the important information these gauges deliver. Sight Level Gauges are designed for use on hydraulic reservoirs, mobile reservoirs and oil tanks. Zinga also offers clear, easy-to-read oil-eye gauges designed to stand up to the most rugged industrial environments.


  • Temperature: 212° F Max.
  • Optional Thermometer
  • Optional Aluminum or Plastic Guards
  • Optics grade plastic
  • UV-Resistant Housing
  • 3”, 5” & 10” Lengths,
  • SAE & Metric Hardware


  • provides a visual indication of hydraulic fluid level in the reservoir
  • Easy to install and read

For use with petroleum-base and water-base hydraulic fluids. Contact us for other fluids.

Specifications and Dimensions

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