Industrial OEM Equipment Filtration Solutions

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OEM Industry

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At Zinga, we work extensively with hydraulic filtration systems for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that produce heavy machinery, construction machinery, agricultural equipment, hydraulic power unit builders, industrial equipment, and heavy transportation equipment. We offer high-performance industrial OEM equipment filtration solutions that help manufacturers deliver the best quality to their customers.

A Complete Range of Mobile OEM Equipment Filtration Solutions

Our high-efficiency mobile equipment filters can capture particulates, moisture, and contaminants that would otherwise damage system components and reduce equipment effectiveness.

We have a large catalog of mobile OEM equipment filtration options:

• Filters for loaders, compactors, bulldozers, and other construction equipment

OEM hydraulic oil filters for backhoes, cranes, excavators, and dump trucks

• Filtration systems for continuous miners, crushing equipment, haul trucks, excavators, and other mining equipment

• High-performance oil filters for semi-trucks, cement mixers, forklifts, tank trucks, garbage trucks, wreckers, and other transportation equipment

We manufacture filter heads, cellulose and synthetic spin-on filters, tank-top hydraulic filters, high-pressure filters, suction strainers, and specialized water removal filters.

State-of-the-Art Industrial OEM Equipment Filtration

Virtually all industrial equipment relies on clean oil to get the job done effectively:

• Grinding, milling, and cutting equipment

• Automated equipment

• Compressors, motors, and pumps

• Presses, bending machines, and other hydraulic systems

With improved filtration, manufacturing equipment operates smoothly, offers better performance, lasts longer, and reduces downtime.

OEM Equipment Filtration with World-Class Service

Another reason our team has an excellent reputation with OEMs is that we provide exceptional customer service:

Prompt communication: Talk to a real person located at our manufacturing facility within 1-2 business days from the time of your inquiry.

Five-star service: We go above and beyond to make life easier for purchasing managers, product managers, and production teams.

Expert solutions: Our team has over 45 years of experience with mobile OEM equipment filtration.

Dedication to customer satisfaction: We listen to customers and continue streamlining production and delivery.

Ongoing support: Our technical support team offers trustworthy troubleshooting assistance for all products.

We also provide custom engineering services. We can create state-of-the-art filtration products that meet rigorous OEM specifications for factory operations.

Choose the Experts in OEM Hydraulic Oil Filters

At Zinga, we are leaders in high-quality, efficient, and dependable oil filtration products for industrial applications around the world. Contact us to see a detailed catalog of industrial OEM equipment filtration options.

An Exceptional Quality Guarantee

Our brand stands for quality at every step of the filter manufacturing process. We engineer and produce mobile and industrial OEM equipment filtration in-house to ensure defect-free manufacturing and dependable materials.

We are fully ISO 9001 certified. Our quality service level is consistently above 99%.

We can help you meet and exceed your customer warranties. We use materials that fit rugged design specifications for heavy-duty work environments such as construction, agriculture, forestry, and mining.



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