Filtration Solutions for OSV

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Zinga hydraulic filtration and reservoir accessory product solutions are used to protect sensitive systems and deliver life-extending protection for a wide variety of marine equipment, including engines, Z-drives, generators, compressors, and Stevedore equipment. Zinga filtration solutions are designed to meet performance specifications in low-, medium- and high-pressure hydraulic systems for the most effective solutions in filtration and separation, whether on or offshore. We offer

Marine Equipment Filtration:

Hydraulic systems are used throughout the marine industry, whether on shore or off, in applications such as boat lifts, winches, or boat stabilization systems. Zinga filters are designed to maintain these powerful systems to improve their safety and reliability. We offer a protective coating to our filter housings to prevent damage in corrosive environments, such as from salt spray. Our elements can be used in low, medium, and high-pressure applications and efficiently capture particulates before they do damage. Contact us for your marine equipment filtration solution today!



Hydraulic On-Reservoir

Hydraulic Pressure / In-Line

Pump, Valve & Hydraulic Circuit

Pump Inlet Protection

Oil Aeration Reduction

Back Pressure & Heat Exchanger Protection

Hydraulic Reservoir Accessories