Bulk Fuel Transfer Equipment

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Filtration Solutions for Industrial Oil & Gas

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Zinga is an industry leader in developing technologically advanced, high-performance product lines of filtration solutions that improve oil and gas cleanliness, maximize performance and meet warranty levels for reliability. The technology that backs Zinga filtration solutions is designed to maintain the quality and purity of oil and fuel by removing fluid and particulate contaminants. Optimizing oil and gas filtration is key to minimizing downtime and improving overall operating efficiency.

Bulk Fuel Transfer

Modern engines designed to meet tighter regulations are more prone to failure, especially from the smallest particulates (<6 microns). Fuel travels through several transfer points before arriving in an end-user tank, each of these provides an opportunity for contamination. Filtering at a single point in the value stream is not enough to ensure clean fuel. Our Z-Guard line of filters and breathers use high efficiency media to provide you with clean fuel and prevent costly equipment downtime. Our filters have high dirt holding capacity and are a cost-effective way to protect the fleet of your customers.



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