Industrial Contaminant Filtration Solutions

Zinga leads the industry in developing technologically advanced, efficient product lines of industrial contaminant filtration solutions that improve oil cleanliness, maximize performance and meet warranty levels for reliability. The Zinga product line features suction strainers and diffusers, spin-on filter heads (single and modular), in-tank filters, high pressure filters (cartridge) spin-on, cellulose and synthetic elements, check valves, gauges and reservoir accessories. Our 110,000-square-foot facility features manufacturing process capabilities in engineering, aluminum die-casting, machining, steel fabrication, filter element assembly and silk screening.

Spin-on Filter Heads

Spin-on Filters

Pressure Filters

Pressure Filter Elements

Tank-top Filters

Tank-top Filter Elements


Tank Mounted Diffusers

Reservoir Accessories


Adapters and Clamps