SRE & ZSRE Series

Filter Elements for Zinga SRF and TS Housings

Zinga filter elements keep fluids clean and are in available in a variety of different options. Zinga filter elements protect your system from dirt and debris by removing them from liquids immediately.


  • Cellulose, SS Mesh, Aqua-Zorb & Z-Glass 
  • 3, 10, 25 & 141 Micron 
  • 3.91″ OD x 1.61″ ID 
  • 9” & 18” Nominal Lengths 
  • Buna-N or Fluorocarbon Seals 
  • For use in SRF & TS Housings or as Direct Interchange for Schroeder “K” Series Elements


  • Easy to install and use
  • Removes dirt and debris from liquids
  • keeps fluids and system clean

Specifications and Dimensions

Use in SRF & TS Housings Or as Direct Interchange for Schroeder “K” Series Elements.

Part NumberNominal RatingAbsolute RatingMedia Type(A) ID(B) LengthFlow Direction Through Element
SRE40903ß<4µ(c) = 2ß11µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″9.19″Bi-Directional
SRE40903AZ**ß<4µ(c) = 2ß11µ(c)/ = 75Aqua-Zorb1.61″9.19″Outside to Inside
SRE40910ß5µ(c) = 2ß19µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″9.19″Bi-Directional
SRE40910AZ**ß5µ(c) = 2ß19µ(c) = 75Aqua-Zorb1.61″9.19″Outside to Inside
SRE40925ß19µ(c) = 2ß36µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″9.19″Bi-Directional
SRE41803ß5µ(c) = 2ß11µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″18.19″Bi-Directional
SRE41810ß5µ(c) = 2ß19µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″18.19″Bi-Directional
SRE41825ß19µ(c) = 2ß36µ(c) = 75Cellulose1.61″18.19″Bi-Directional
SRE409100*141 Micron————-SS Mesh1.61″9.19″Outside to Inside
SRE409100R*141 Micron————-SS Mesh1.61″9.19″Inside to Outside
SRE409100M*141 Micron————-SS Mesh1.61″9.19″Outside to Inside
SRE409100MR*141 Micron————-SS Mesh1.61″9.19″Inside to Outside
ZSRE40903ß<4µ(c) = 2ß7µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”9.19”Outside to Inside
ZSRE40903Rß<4µ(c) = 2ß7µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”9.19”Inside to Outside
ZSRE40910ß<4µ(c) = 2ß12µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”9.19”Outside to Inside
ZSRE40910Rß<4µ(c) = 2ß12µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”9.19”Inside to Outside
ZSRE41803ß<4µ(c) = 2ß7µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”18.19”Outside to Inside
ZSRE41803Rß<4µ(c) = 2ß7µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”18.19”Inside to Outside
ZSRE41810ß<4µ(c) = 2ß12µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”18.19”Outside to Inside
ZSRE41810Rß<4µ(c) = 2ß12µ(c) = 1000Z-Glass1.61”18.19”Inside to Outside


  1. *100 mesh stainless steel wire cloth standard for 141 micron elements. 30, 60, and 200 mesh optional.
  2. ** Aqua-Zorb filter media retains up to 11 oz. of free water. Any absorbed water cannot be liberated from the media. As the element becomes saturated with water, the Aqua-Zorb media continues to swell, and will ultimately curtail flow through the filter. Not for use with water-glycols.
  3. SRE and ZSRE are equipped with a Buna-N grommet (radial) seal as standard. (Fluorocarbon Available)

Zinga Filter Media Types

Z-Glass Media

Multi-Layered, non-woven glass media that provides the highest levels of depth filtration efficiency and capacity. Higher capacity means longer service life. Coupled with a steel support mesh, Z-Glass can withstand higher differential pressures.

Cellulose Media

Traditional paper based media that provides a nominal level of depth filtration and capacity. Used with petroleum-based fluids only. Some grades of cellulose include a layered glass fiber substrate to provide more efficiency.

AquaZorb Media

Water absorbing cellulose based media designed specifically to absorb and retain free water from petroleum-based fluids. Commonly used in offline systems, AquaZorb will operate until it is fully saturated and ultimately curtail flow through the media. A system by-pass valve and service gauge is recommended when using AquaZorb.

Stainless Steel Mesh

Woven in a variety of precision patterns, stainless steel mesh provides a basic surface type filtration with very low differential pressure. Applications include pump protection and “last chance” valve protection. Stainless steel mesh can be serviced by ultrasonic cleaning. (30: 560µ, 60: 280µ, 100: 141µ, 200:75µ, 200×1400: 10µ)

Compatible Tank-Top Mounted Filters

TR & TS Series Suction / Return Line Tank-Top Filters

Flows Up To: TR 96 GPM (Return) 32 GPM (Suction)

TS 71 GPM (Return) 24 GPM (Suction)

Port Sizes: 1 1/4″ & 1 1/2″ NPTF, 1 5/8″ – 12 UN (SAE – 20), 1 7/8″ – 12 UN (SAE – 24), 1 1/4″ BSP

Pressure: 100 PSI Max. Operating

Temperature: Up to +250°F

SRF Series Suction / Return Line Tank-Top Filters

Flows Up To: 83 GPM (Return) 28 GPM (Suction)

Port Sizes: 1 1/4″ & 1 1/2″ NPTF, 1 5/8″ – 12 UN (SAE – 20), 1 7/8″ – 12 UN (SAE – 24), 1″ & 1 1/4″ BSP

Pressure: 100 PSI Max

Temperature: Up to 250°F