Filtration Solutions for Landscaping

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Lawn & Garden

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Zinga filters can help increase the longevity of lawn and garden equipment by preventing damage often caused by solid contaminants and water. From mowers and tractors to spreaders and tillers, Zinga provides the protection you need to help you achieve the highest level of precision, productivity and efficiency.

Lawn & Garden:

Hydrostatic mowers rely on fluids for transfer of power from the engine to other parts of the machine such as wheels and blades. The advantages of this design are superior performance for the user – more power and a smoother ride. Without proper filtration, however, users will not be able to enjoy these premium features. Contamination causes degraded performance and can lead to premature failure of hydraulic components such as pumps.

Zinga spin-on filters are used by lawn and garden equipment manufacturers to protect sensitive hydraulic components such as pumps and valves. Our BF/BE or ZAF/AE filter head and element combinations are used in low flow filtration applications commonly found on sit down mowers, tractors, tillers, as well as other mobile hydraulic equipment. Our ability to private logo spin-on elements provides customers the opportunity to maintain aftermarket sales and advertise their brand throughout the world.



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