Hydraulic Directional Control & Check Valves

Valves facilitate the function of hydraulic systems, with hydraulic valves controlling the pressure, direction and flow of hydraulic fluids. These hydraulic directional control valves help make hydraulic systems unique in their control of force, torque and motion. A hydraulic check valve is the most basic directional control valve, and as an effective, low-cost system, check valves maintain unidirectional flow, afford flow control and back pressure induction. By diverting flow, hydraulic check valves provide protection of valuable oil cooling components from over-pressurization conditions. In addition to maintaining flow direction, check valves allowing actuators to be used smoothly and safely. Zinga’s hydraulic directional control valves and check valves are designed to provide protection for mobile hydraulic inner coolers.

Zinga hydraulic check valves offer protection for mobile equipment in the following industries:

Construction , Agriculture , Material Handling , Utilities and Service Vehicles , Lawn and Garden
Mining and Excavation , Marine , Oil and Gas , Forestry

BRV Series Check Valves

LRV Series Check Valves

RV Series Return Line Check Valves