Hydraulic Breather Filters

Zinga offers Hydraulic Breather Filters for use on hydraulic reservoirs found on mowers, tow trucks, truck-mounted cranes, pavers, compactors and more. Breathers provide filtration of air entering the hydraulic reservoir to help maintain overall system cleanliness. Filler Breathers add a convenient fill port and include optional baskets for filtration of fluid added to the system, dipstick for monitoring of fluid level, and a combined pressure/vacuum valve to limit air exchange and provide positive pressure to the pump inlet to reduce cavitation.

Reservoir Breathers
RB Series

Economical Reservoir Filler Breather
WSFB Series 

Reservoir Filler Breathers
FB Series

Raised Filler Breathers
FBR Series

Tank Breathers
TB Series

Spin-On Breather
TBN310 Series

TTI Power Breathers

TTI Power Breather-CV
equipped with check-valves

Titan Power Breather

TitanBlock Power Breather

Adapter Kits

Rebulidable Breather