Hydraulic Suction Strainers & Sump Strainers

Zinga’s Hydraulic Suction Strainers mount inside the hydraulic reservoir and are also commonly referred to as sump strainers or tank strainers. They are designed to extend the life of your equipment by protecting hydraulic pumps and control systems from solid contaminants, minimizing pressure loss for hydraulic pumps.

  • Hydraulic suction strainers offer the first line of defense to keep contaminants from damaging your pump
  • The inlet strainer is installed below the fluid level in the reservoir and attached to the inlet pipe for the hydraulic pump
  • The inlet strainers main function is to protect the pump from debris that has collected in the reservoir
  • The fineness of the inlet strainer is usually more course, commonly 100 mesh (149 micron)
  • You don’t want to use too fine of filtration for the strainer, because if it is too restrictive to flow, then it will cause cavitation (where the pump is sucking in air) which will ultimately damage the pump.

How fine should we filter the new fluid before it enters the hydraulic system?

This will depend on the components in the hydraulic system and how tolerant they are to contamination

In any fluid transfer or hydraulic application, an inlet strainer is always a good idea. 100 mesh (141 microns) is a standard offering that is mostly used for stopping large debris from getting into the transfer pump

Beyond a strainer, multiple stages of filtration can be used to ensure fine particulates don’t cause premature wear and failure.

Typically, the first stage can be roughly 25 microns and the next stage can be even finer, such as 3 or 10 microns

Internally Mounted Tank Strainers
SS & MS Series

Externally Mounted Tank Strainers
TF Series 

Steel Bushing Externally Mounted Tank Strainer
TFS Series

O-Ring Seal Tank Strainer & Mounting Weld Collar
TF & TFS Series

Male NPTF Tank Filter
TF Series 

Hose Bead Tank Filter & Mounting Weld Collar
BTF Series