Pump Inlet Protection Filtration

Suction strainers are designed to protect the suction lines of pumps in hydraulic or lubricating circuits. Tank suction strainers reduce the buildup of contaminants by filtering fluid in the reservoir tank before the fluid enters the pump inlet line. Pump Inlet Protection Filters are designed to extend the life of your equipment by protecting hydraulic pumps and control systems from solid contaminants, minimizing pressure loss for hydraulic pumps. Zinga filtration solutions offer pump inlet protection filtration for a broad range of mobile and industrial applications, including the following industries: Construction , Agriculture , Material Handling , Utilities and Service Vehicles , Lawn and Garden, Mining and Excavation , Marine , and Oil and Gas. Contact us today to inquire about any of our pump inlet protection filters!

SS & MS Series Internally Mounted Tank Filter

TF Series Tank Filter Externally Mounted

TFS Series Steel Bushing Tank Filter Externally Mounted

BTF Series Hose Bead Tank Filter & Mounting Weld Collar