Power Breathers-CV (Check Valve)

 Protects lubricants and equipment from moisture and particulate intrusion. TTI’s check-valve technology is ideal for low-flow applications with intermittent operations.


High Humidity Areas | Washdown Environments | Low-Flow | Gear Boxes 


Manufacturing | Chemical | Pulp & Paper | Storage Facilities | Mining | Power Plants | Wind Energy

This breather unit is a marked improvement over the customary dust caps or OEM breathers on equipment. When contaminated air enters the top of the breather, it passes through layered filter media, preventing solid particles from entering the breather and causing undue wear to your equipment surfaces. Filtered air passes through a bed of Power Breather silica gel, which removes harmful moisture from the air. The silica beads also work to attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir during service or shut-down, keeping the equipment dry. The addition of check-valves in our CV breather is ideal for low-flow and intermittent operations in high humidity conditions. 

  1. Center Tube
    The center tube is constructed from rugged nylon material providing rigidity to the element and allowing for even airflow through the silica gel.
  2. Secondary Filter Media
    Second filter step prevents any possible migration of silica dust providing added system protection.
  3. Secondary Oil Mist Collector
    Polyurethane foam collects oil mist and distributes air evenly over filter media and moisture absorbing silica gel.
  4. Moisture Absorbent
    The Power Breather silica gel provides industry leading moisture removal and holds up to 40% of its weight.
  5. ABS Outer Shell
    Clear outer shell provides a visual indicator of silica gel condition allowing for optimum change out intervals.
  6. Filter Media
    3-micron absolute particulate filtration is provided by a polyester filter media.
  7. Oil Mist Collector
    Polyurethane foam collects oil mist and distributes air evenly over filter media and moisture absorbing silica gel.
  8. Air intakes
    Air intakes are opened based on flow requirements and provide moisture protection for breather while being shipped/stored.
  9. Sure-fit Connection
    Use sure-fit connections instead of filler/breather cap. Adapters also available.


The TTI Breather offers significantperformance improvements over other leadingdesiccant breathers.

Value add features:
Multiple head-to-head tests with leading competitors demonstrate that TTI POWER Breather Silica Gel averages nearly 20% more moisture holding capacity than other leading brands.

The increased body length of the TTI POWER Breather allows for 10% more volume of our silica gel when compared to leading competitors.


ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna

Moisture Absorbing Media:
Silica Gel

Filter Media:
Polyester, Polyurethane

Filter Efficiency:
3 Micron Absolute

Operating temperatures:
-20 F to 200 F
-29 C to 93 C


TT-BB-CV3/8” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, BSPT)4.30”(10.92 cm)2.52” (6.40 cm)
TT-1-CV3/8” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, BSPT)5.80” (14.73 cm)2.52” (6.40 cm)
TT-2-CV1” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, NPSM)6.24” (15.85 cm)4.10” (10.41 cm)
TT-3-CV1” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, NPSM)8.44” (21.27 cm)4.10” (10.41 cm)
TT-4-CV1” Sure-Fit (NPT, BSPP, NPSM)10.54” (26.78 cm)4.10” (10.41 cm)

Sizing suggestions

ModelMax Moisture Retention
TT-BB-CV28 ml / 1.0 fl oz
TT-1-CV60 ml / 2.0 fl oz
TT-2-CV142 ml / 4.8 fl oz
TT-3-CV264 ml / 8.9 fl oz
TT-4-CV424 ml / 14.3 fl oz
ModelMax Airflow at 1psid
TT-BB-CV5 cfm / 142 lpm
TT-1-CV5 cfm / 142 lpm
TT-2-CV10 cfm / 283 lpm
TT-3-CV10 cfm / 283 lpm
TT-4-CV10 cfm / 283 lpm


Body:ABS, Nylon, Polypropylene, Buna
Moisture Absorbing Media: Silica Gel
Filter Media:Polyester, Polyurethane
Filter Efficiency: 3 Micron Absolute
Operating temperatures: -20 F to 200 F 
-29 C to 93 C

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