CF / CE Series

High Pressure Manifold Cartridge Filters

Zinga pressure filters provide in-line system protection for sensitive system components like servo valves, pressure filters can be found in agriculture equipment, road machinery, utility and construction systems and industrial machinery.


  • Operating Pressure: 6,000 PSI
  • Flows Up To: 30 GPM
  • Media: 10-Micron Stainless Steel Mesh
  • Applications: Petroleum-based fluids


  • In-line system protection
  • Easy to install and use

Additional Specs and Dimensions

B/P Valve AssyElement NumberFlow Capacity(A) Hex Size(B) Hex Height(C) Element Length(D) Element Dia.(E) SAEPort(F) Cavity Depth(G) Max.Min.(H) Max. Port Dia.(J) Max.Min.
CF04CE04104 GPM1.00”.41”1.72”.74”-10 (7/8”-14)2.41”1.12” / 1.87”2.66”.781” / .814”
CF12CE121012 GPM1.50”.50”2.50”1.00”-16 (1 5/16”-12)3.34”1.49”/ 2.53″.531”1.140” / 1.187”
CF30CE301030 GPM2.13”.65”4.00”1.50”-24 (1 7/8”-12)5.01”1.92” / 3.81”.875”1.750” / 1.803”

CF/CE Series filters are used as final filters to protect control valves, not as system filters.

Sized to fit Common Cavity No. C16-2

Performance Chart

Avg. pressure drop with 150 SUS oil at 105 ̊ F.

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